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All Is Lost

Just Went Black

all lame apologies
all pathetic "let´s be friends"
can´t make me feel lesser alone

all false promises
empty words that leave your mouth
now look at this you just helped building another wall

from my dead fingers
from my dead hands
the only thing of value
the only thing that´s left

no more shall we fall asleep
in each others embrace
skin on skin
face on face
for all we´ve dreamt
all hope is gone
all is lost

what´s left?
an empty shape
can´t run
can´t hide

all that wasted energy
that never got back to me
i´m drowning in this sea of lies
while i feel that my breath
is not the only thing
that has been taken away

drowning in this sea of fucking - lies
it just helped to build another - wall
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