Justin Unger

To what advantage is a man
Who gains the world
He holds a smile
While inside his heart is cold
Here am I standing in the rain
All alone
Here I am
I'm waiting for the strength
To let go

So I lose myself
And close my eyes
Till the world begins to fade
Cause this broken shell is half-alive
And there's no one else to blame
So I finally think it's time to disengage
Never turn away

Amidst the hesitation
Trying to look ahead
Beyond this mass confusion
Your face appears instead
And just when my head is held up high
I fall again
That's when I'm reminded of Your love
That has no end

(Repeat Chorus)

Go on, go on
It's time to break away
I keep telling myself
Go on, go on
I can finally separate
These strings that hold me down
I'm finally found

(Repeat Chorus)

Never turn away
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