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Feels Like Home

Justin Vernon

It feels like home to me
I know just where I wanna be
Home is where your family sleeps
Same country sky is honest like its always been

Same yard, same trees
Same smells in the air as the season's keep
I remember when I was seventeen
Cuttin the grass, brother shootin basketball with me

(Forming's autumn midnight) warms the
Cold sunny air it blows through me
Pick me up and set me down
Lay in this field and listen to the sounds of all them roads

Roads that lead me home
Been on thousands of times
Its beauty and strength, only grows
With each passing of the day

Morning breaks the dawn
And afternoon slides by
Crickets cradle the softly blue bruising sky
They turn into the skipping record on the turning black night

It all feels like home

It all feels like home to me
Same country sky, oh woah
It all feels like home
All of home, woah woah woah
Cold sunny air all over me

It feels like home

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