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Shame On Me


Shame on me for what I'm thinkin'
Shame on you for makin' me think
Shame on me for what I'm dreamin'
Shame on you for bein' in my dreams

Blame it on me I can't quit smilin'
Blame it on you and your smilin' face
Blame it on me I can't stop lookin'
Blame it on you for lookin' that way

Ain't no point in pointin' fingers
There's enough blame to go around
Tell me since when were there ever two dreamers
Who ever had enough sense to slow it down

Shame on me for what I'm feelin'
Shame on you for feelin' so good
Shame on me I wanna kiss ya
Shame on you I believe I could

Shame on me, Shame on you
Shame on love and what it's makin' us do

It's my fault that I'm fallin'
It's your fault for makin' me fall
Funny when love comes a callin'
How it ain't no one's fault at all
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