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Love Is For Always

Kara Williamson

Like a river flowing from the first of time
It´s an endless song with an unbroken rhyme
It connects us all to one another
Sister to sister, brother to brother
It´s powerful chain that won´t break apart

Cause love, love is for always
Love is forever
Love will endure
Love will hang on and hold us together
It´s gonna hold This world together
Love is faithful, love is true
It is the best thing that we can do
And aI know, I know
It´s gonna see us through
Because love, love is for always

This world is achin for somethin that´ll make a change
Too many hearts breakin from all the strain
Love´s the answer for the broken hearted
If love is gona, we´re right back where we started
It´s thr only thing that can change a heart


Your love, is all we´re lookin for
It is the key to Heaven´s door

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