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Karpenter's Kids

We are the youth of the nation
The worlds destiny is in our hands
We are the beat of the nation, we are the hope of this nation
Their destiny is in our hands
So come down!

Stanza 1:
Rickys trying to find a new way
And hes scared he never will
He knows he lacks something inside him
And so hes gonna go pop pills

He needs a God to take him out now
Too bad he didnt know it then
He could have saved his family heartbreak
A stitch in time couldve saved ten

Stanza 2:
The hour of doom has come for Sarah
Her past mistakes are catching up
If we were only there to tell her
There is a God whos full of love

In blackened clouds of her depression
The knife blade digs into her veins
Shes lost her hope
And her lifes gone down the drain
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