Ice Factory


A circus noose another month
and the golden goose that
I'll be squeezing forever
Oh Suzanne it's been so long
since we shared the air
I need the carpet to move
Hold out my hands
Hold up the walls for you
They're rented but perfect
to fill with sores
I should know better than that
I'm running much smoother now
I bought new bones and bigger feet
The biggest won;t ever be missed Suzanne
I'm lucky just to have your name inbounds again
A year so pale shimmer and spill
I don't live so well
Caught by all the audits
but your audience screams so much louder
than those from hell
A river is building from a leak on the ceiling
but she's got a body holding
the water uphill even the lionhearted want
to lay somewhere warm and still
I'm feeling much smoother now
I bought new skin and bigger gifts
The biggest almost never miss Suzanne
I'm lucky just to have you inbounds again
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