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Pain - gets higher and higher
Then - it's the opus of desire
What - is making you smile
It's just - just for a while

You - have not a chance
To - try it all again
Blood - flow from your veins
Hope - is a deeper trance

You will not be waiting
To see the world drying
If you thought in hanging
It means that your life is fading

A shot - in between your eyes
Drugs - melting your brain
A car - throwing in the sea
Have - seats for you and me

Three - thousand people die
Daily - tearing away your lives
Two - deaths per minute
We - feel this great load

You feed your wish of pain and hate covering all your skin.
The pleasure ends and that's the chance to torture yourself within.
Nothing it's enough just an overdose to put you down and high.
The only way condign to die is committing suicide.

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