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I Don't Wanna Go

Keak Da Sneak

Too many years have gone by we're still strugglin
We fuss and fight think it's time for new boogining
But everytime I think that I just can't take no more
I pack my bags change my mind and I never go
Should I go, should I stay, should I go
I don't, really know

I don't really wanna go, I don't really wanna stay, nooo
I don't really wanna go, I don't really wanna stay, stay (2x)

See ma you runnin me away with ya ways
Got me leavin and not comin home til the next day
And I ain't never comin back to the house til I get some respect
Or I'ma be up in jail for breakin ya neck
I done tried to hard just to make things work
And arguments go too far til ya feelings get hurt
They got me packin my bags but you don't want me to go
Now I'm off to the next braud but I ain't feelin this hoe
I did it fast but now I'm tryin to live life slow
But I'm a man so I reap what I sew
It ain't all about dough cuz you can't take that witcha
And it seems like you want me to hitcha
So before I do that I'ma leave everything behind
No 30 days when I avict you out my mind, before I do that

(Hook 2x)

(Girl singing)
I'd be wrong if I put all the blame on you
Cuz I admit through issues I got problems too
But what do you act sometimes like you don't give a damn
You leave me at home, all alone, when I really need my man, I

See I hustle to get money just to catch yo eye
Can't incriminate myself, that's why I lie
They say it takes a man to be a man and I'm a grown one
This rap game got me on one
And it's a destiny thang, so I don't wear a platinum watch and a chain
I'm just tryin to head shot ya brain
You can catch me in a 2K3 Range, 4 point some change
Drinkin Remy, blowin zips of the pain
You want a L7 lame, or a nigga in the game
You a thug, he tryin to make you the same

I need a, I need a woman that's down for adventure
To drive through a do not enter, skurr

(Hook 2x)
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