Get Away From Here


Get away from here
Welcome to the brave new world
From darkness you see the light
About the time to fight, not petrified
Now here i come, go wild for the night
A boy got power to set up the barrier
Where the target, i'm a night rider
Check my born fate everyday
If you wanna get stronger, that's the way
One thing for sure
I try to reign the region in mystery
Bring the pain, what i wanna be
That's the one, most definitely
Go the distance, follow the guidance
Dry my tears and break the silence
With my weakness, i'm leaving now
It's the sign to begin, when the sun goes down, get down to this!
Get away from here
Break the enemy break the darkest night
I destroy on my own
(through the darkness)
Run away from here run away from me
Get away from here
What i wanna get is master skill
That will never be like just mass appeal
Still ain't know who to trust
But you are the reason why i'm doing like this
Bring it on, i'm exterminating
What's up ghost? it's generating
No security on my own live life, till infinity, gotta go baby!
No more tears from me no more tears from you
I've become strong for me
(also for you)
No more pain for you all these pain for me
Come and get me now
No matter how tough no matter how painfull
I made a promise to myself to protect
I gotta be tough i gotta be stronger
Give in to no one give in to no one
Break the enemy break the darkest night
Shadow turns into light
Run away from here run away from me
Get away from here
The power with in me bring my true power
I will fight through the dark
I will be myself i will be stronger
Get away from here
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