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Blue Is The Mind

Keziah Jones

A clear blue sky
Is what makes me play
Songs of a time
When a dream came my way
A million miles
From the dream of yesterday
Blue is the mind
That i have today

Your gentle breeze
Is what makes me stay
I didn't mind
When all my worries fell away
Whit a look so fine
That i forgot the falling rain
Blue is the mind
That i have today

Its got a thousand names
But you can call it amazed
Its all the samw
When you're in my warm embrace
I miss it so
I couldn't leave it anyway
Blue is the mind
That i have today

No cloudy sky
Can make a song like the rain
I hope you'll find
The song can help you remain
In a state of "oh
Should i play it again?"
Blue is the mind
That is the mind
That you have today
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