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Kid Dynamite

It plagued me like a cancer. if you asked me what it meant, i
Couldn't answer. because i sit here alone and searching. man, i
Gotta stop complaining. it's been so long, i don't know what to
Say to you. the feelings gone. i remember once upon a time, i
Wouldn't have cared just what i shared with you, but now i'm
Hiding. i've been lucky to have someone who cared for me. i'm
Sorry. because when you got so close, i'd run away. the scars
Are almost covered up. and i'm rising she said she wanted to
Know me like a book i was out of there fast, remembering all the
Time that it took to get over the source of all the times that i
Felt dead. there's chapters in this book that i haven't even
Read yet. but there's just one thing that i gotta say to you.
Right! i don't regret the time we spent, but i do regret the day
We met. because i've learned my lesson and i've learned it well,
Now there's no more secrets for you to tell. for all it's worth.
I'm still dreaming and feeling without you.
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