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Heart A Tact

Kid Dynamite

Crashing down on consensus. It's the vice that kills defenses.
Piercing through sort of feeling. It only hurts if I let it take
control of me. Won't let the world weigh me down. Cause I'm
coming alive. What's the deal with life lessons? If you can't
forget regret them. Taught to fold under pressure. Failure
doesn't mean you have to die. Won't let the world weigh me down.
Cause I'm coming alive. Just how many are there on my side. A
calendar filled up with sleepless nights. Keeps time. Afraid of
what it may have left behind. Who cares? I've thought about it
all too many times. What's worse? Is that my self-esteem suffers
a curse. That tries to kill me but I kill it first. I'm coming
alive, alive through you. Today I found a friend in who I am.
Who promises to be there 'till the end, of what? When it's over
will it start again? Can't worry about it or life becomes too
crowded. With panic. I'll panic and then I'll start to doubt it,
it's not worth it. So fuck it. Not gonna walk around it. I'll
face it. I'll smash it. I'm not gonna lose again. I'm coming
alive through you.
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