La Raza

Kid Frost

Qui hubo aquí estoy and soy Kid Frost
Yo soy jefe matón yes the Big Boss
My gun is loaded
Is full of balas
I put it in your face so U won't say 'Nada'
Vatos cholos you call as what you will
You say we are assessins si U wanna kill
Is it my blood be a nastyboy and go
Si en da street hold all betters
Chicanos and I'm brown and proud
Guantes chingazos simon se desquitan
Rigth now in the dirt
What's da matter? Are you afraid, you gonna get hurt?
I'm with my homeboys, --- my camaradas
Keepin' back my millaje, y pa mi no valen nada
Yo soy chingón ese
Like Al Caponne ese
Controlo todo so never try to swept me
Some of you don't know what's happenin' que pasa
It's not for you, anyway
Cuz this is for La Raza

This for La Raza, Raza

The form to I'm speakin' is no descaro
Y sabes que loco? Yo soy muy malo
Tu no sabes nada y yo vienes haloh
You've been hit in the head to many times with a palo
Still you are trying to act cool, with that shit no
You are so cool that I'm going to call you a culo
Is just the big we can takin' and ever
You're the lava
Your own barrio isn't backin' wa
Be just lookin' your ass
And call to your prover
And so I'm lookin' aleft es lo que pasa
He he, yeah, this is for La Raza
Raza, raza

Crusin' en la calle, I hate for the bolo
No want to go with me, so I have to go solo
And when I go out alone... Attack
I touch all that cheladas when I don't wanna absttrack
Everytime that I pack my Piece I pull all that quick
All the nazis desease
Just like a song when the 18 bullet
Got my finger on a trigger, I'm not afraid to pull it
If this bara had a not say 'mafiosos'
When you pull it away, no seas stupid, eres baboso
Some of you don't you know what's happenin' que pasa... Yeah

This is for La Raza
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