Take It Back

Killer Klowns

If I say to satisfy
And if I say that I'll be alright
I remember that I told you
I took your bags, and put on the fire

I just remember that I lost my mind
I left my life and loves in the wind
I tuned my hears on souls
And started to make rock n' roll

I didn't know where I was goin' in life
But I knew that in the sunshine
I discovered what I was born for
And we found what we've been lokin' for

All that you gave me is all the pieces on this floor
You can take it back for you

Take it back, the pieces on the floor
Take it back, I just want you to go
I don't want one more reason, baby
I didn't promise my love to you

All the people just want to know
When they will come back one
If we'll be victims of shots
Livin' free, no laws, no troubles

I loved you more than you can think
I don't need much to talk
We can be the best together baby
And you can draw your road

You can feel the dark side of life
They don't have family to care
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