Killing Touch

I was falling on The Black Ice
When I lost and found a better way
There's a path we always walk on by
Keep going until you find me

Never had to fight
(…Had to fight…)
Never had to hide
(…Had to hide…)
I just can't believe my faith is gone
(…Is gone away…)

Yeah, winter's gone the sun ain't shining
Lust is just another round of lies
All the pain all around anyway
Can't change the way I want it

Never had to fight
(…Never had to fight…)
Never had to hide
I just can't believe I'm still alive…

All the friends we've lost so far
All the memories left behind
(Just if I…)
All of the things you can't explain
All the whys come and go… You…

All the times you did not care
"Not this time"
Fill your lungs with brand new air

Don't forget your love comes first
Are the ones who just don't believe in me, no…

Giving for too long will make your soul come alive
With the hunger that you tried to hide behind your little heart
All the things you're still trying to change won't just make it right
Realize you're just a human being, yeah…

Start giving yourself a little more
Giving yourself a little more
Your heart lies rotten to the core
Keep giving yourself a little more
Giving yourself a little more
Stick to the wills we all know so well
(Giving yourself a little more, giving yourself a little more …)
All the little things can turn your world around
…In between there lies another way…
Another way…

Just if I…
…All the lives you will not save…
You still got time
Stop hurting yourself, don't give me another round of lies

Living for the day may take your two sides apart, whoa…
(Sides apart…)
No compromises…
All the days I've lost asking why
Why the hell am I bleeding?
…You should see what I see…
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