The Trip

Kim Fowley

Summer time here kitties
And It's time to take a trip, to take a trip
This world's so bad, you feel so sad
You gotta take a trip, into a world so glad
A world of frogs, and green fountians
And flying dogs, and silver cats, and emerald rats
And purple clouds, and faceless crowds
And walls of glass, that never pass
And pictures hanging upside down
You won't ask, where you are, It's another world
You and your girl, and all your friends, will all be there
Oh Yeah
Let's take a trip, let's take a trip
TNT, SOS, HOB, TOP, It's tough, it's tough
Hey here we go now, let's climb some mountains everybody
Get on your walking shoes, let's Climb some mountains
Here we go
Let's take a trip, let's take a trip
And start to dream, let's close your eyes
it's groovy now, yeah!
Soakin', As I'm swinnin' in the new year, it's all around
let's take a trip, right from the ground
Oh, a-Oh Yeah
Let's take a trip, it's really hip
No-one will know, what goes on
Just you and me, and the dreams we see
Come on baby, you're doing it right, just put your head back
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