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Inside Of You

Kim Hill

You say the river's too far to go
And the star's too high to reach
In the shade it's much too cold
And in the sun there's too much heat

And would you say to me
The sky's too blue
The sea too green
In the night there's too much dark
And too much crying in your sleep

Inside of you
How deep does the ocean go?
Inside of you
How loud does the lion roar?
Inside of you
Do your feet know how to dance?
Inside of you
Does Heaven ever really have a chance?
Inside of you
Does Heaven have a chance?

You're telling me the chair's too soft
You're telling me the bed's too hard
And you would like to cool your fever
But the water's just too far

So you sit staring at the door
Like something's gonna walk on in
But tell me what are you waiting for
Sitting still is your greatest sin
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