Prayer For Santa Lucia

Kimberley Locke

She is hiding joy inside her
But for now she's telling no-one
She goes about her business
And her thoughts are full of someone
And she prays to Santa Lucia
For the saint was always gentle
And she tells her body's secrets
And she lights a hopeful candle with a prayer...

She remembers all the phrases
That he used on her so sweetly
And she cherishes the echo
Of his hands upon her body
And she shuts her eyes to conjure him
Imagines he's beside her
And she whispers words forbidden
And her blood turns fire within her at his name

And she cries 'you know I'm drowning
In his eyes and in his promise'
And she dreams that Santa Lucia gives her
Water from a chalice, saying
'Drink deep if you want to, daughter -
Don't be scared to taste it' and she
Really thinks she loves him, and her
Head's so full of music that she sings - and what she sings

And she cherishes the echo
Of his hands upon her body
And her heart and breathing quicken,
Santa Lucia knows she's ready for his kiss...
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