Stars In Your Eyes (Feat HMATW)

Kimberly Wyatt

It's what you want
It's what you need
Get it started
I won't stop


Pre party at the crib
Get it in
Call a cab
Let the night begin
Swedish chicks
Model girls
Same song all around the world
Rent money spend it up tonight
And if you ain't drunk yet
You ain't doing it right
And I got a feeling I'm getting mine tonight
You and I ignite like dynamite
Hey young world keep it shining bright
Fresh as a feeling like you're drinking Sprite
Do the right thing like a man spike
So grab a glass cuz it's on tonight
Dumb fly kicks gold bottles of spade
This is the life when you know you've made
No waiting all laughing
Let's get this party happening

And then she said

It's what you want
It's what you need
Get it started
I won't stop until I see the sun

Stars in your eyes
We're goin' hard tonight
DJ play my song
This is the glamorous life
Closing out the bar until the end of the night
We're going hard tonight. /

Movement speaks through the beat feeling I'm electric
Silver moon shining through sitting so majestic
Breathing in the bright lights
Cinderella all night
Flying in my fairy tale will take you higher

And then she said

[Chorus] x1

(HMATW)Meet me in the clouds at the top of the Coliseum
A private serenade between you and I
The moon is coming out to catch a glimpse of the twilight
A never ending story by you and I
(Kim)Draw circles round the world
Feel the wind in my hair
Beyond the universe we can go anywhere
Take a fast ride on a shooting star
A little piece of heaven wherever we are

[Chorus] x2
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