Precious Memories (translation)

Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien

Dazzled by the hot sunlight
I remember that summer
Not knowing what pain meant
Your smile would always gladden me

I'd kept on hoping for longings and dreams
I can hear, far away, a voice calling me...

*Ever, ever I kept on watching
That unswerving desire of mine
Run through away to the endless sky;
These overflowing tears
I softly hold in my hands-
Won't we meet again someday,
On that hill...

Beckoned by a blue wind
Clouds begin changing shape
The pictures that told me
Of the times gone by
Are sepia-coloured now

The little promise the two exchanged
In a corner of the heart quietly sleeps...

Never, never will I forget
These precious emotions that
Onto an unending tomorrow, I will paint;
The words that you gave to me
Become a treasure,
And glitter in my heart
For eternity...

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