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Here Comes The Zeppelin

King Bird

One day a long, long time ago
I remember it shine in my brother's eyes
A bird we'd never seen before
A giant drifiting on the skies

I felt a chill run down my spine
Somehow it felt like destiny
The Zeppelin came to ease my mind
Like the King Bird - proud, strong and free

I felt my spirit lift off the ground
My body longing to fly that hight
No matter what was goin' down
I was dreaming to touch the sky

Fly on, my silver phoenix
Let me run with you
Ride on the clouds of morning
A new day's breaking thru

Here comes the Zeppelin, in the sky again
Here comes the Zeppelin, flying thru the sky again

Some people never understood
What went down on that bright sunny day
They'd never felt the brotherhood
Of the Zeppelin from so far away

Here comes the Zeppelin, crossing the sky
Touching my spirit, taking me high
Here comes the Zeppelin, up high again
Riding on new hope, to a bright sunrise
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