King Pacha

Sadness has begun
My life's a harmony of a song
That can be sung
My dream's a nightmare
Dressed in clothes so loosely hung
Designed and made for one

Sadness is my name
The sun is pallid
That increases with the theme
A mad desire
Shows my madness was insane
But only love's to blame

Sadness in a glass
What a hallucinating vision of the past
I'm not the first to lose a life
And not the last
Love's an explosion
Catch the grass

She means more to me
Than forest burning
She was more than just the tree
I fly of the yearning
And hold my hand impatiently
It's so sad
Oh my life was she
The dream is over

Sadness has begun
I turn to count the moments lost
The tears I've won
And since the lightening struck
The clouds have hid the sun
Some people hit
Some run

Repeat 1 2X
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