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Alien Spawn

King Prawn

You're gonna get kidnapped tonight
You're not gonna make it home
'til the early light

You go to bed so late at night
But in the depths of your mind
It's sleep you cannot find
It eludes you everytime
The shock, the horror
Get under the duvet cover
But you're under arrest
The old hag's on your chest
Thro' the gap in the curtains
Shines a bright white light
You try to scream out loud
But it's just a voice in your mind
Clamped, you feel
Pulled up on the air by your head
It's the widest pair of eyes
At the bottom of your bed
Waking up in the morning
You felt fickle and funny
Like some weird implement
Had been inside your tummy
Went into the bathroom
For further exploration
You had been branded
Given an alien interrogation

Tried to recall your thought
To panic would be foolish
Why did they do it ?
Was it to get some knowledge ?
Your mind on rewind, but ya
Don't wanna remember the time
Strapped to a chair
Intrusion in ya rear
'what ?' i choke
In surprise
'man, i tell you that definitely
Aint the starship enterprise'
'be wise, the signs '
'don't get caught alone'
'if you do here's some money'
'you can phone home'
If you don't really believe
Just look at adam & eve
The very first experiment
By the alien breed
Now there here to get ya
Inseminate ya
With there tools of the trade
Your body they will rape

The presence of there stares
Surround me all around
They'd love to have me in their circus
With their freaks and clowns
Mess me up with implements
Keep track of my movements
Genetic experiment
You get kidnapped tonight

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