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Smoke Some Shit

King Prawn

mr devil
he's kinda heavy metal
when he flips that switch
with his foot on the pedal
getting menstrual
and kind of uptight
so he kicks back and attacks
with a rizzla or a pipe
huffing & puffing
now things don't seem quite the same
with that T.H.C
running through his veins
all his troubles
going up in smoke
hey wake up man
don't you bogart that joint
and pass it on
to the chemical doctor
hawk-like look
and Barbadian stupor
crack hut fiends
and dreams of paradise
he takes his chances
with the roll of the dice
his decision
in a land of prohibition
you can mass debate
waste your breath on a solution
or realise
illegal or legit
the whole world's still gonna take a hit

smoke some shit
we wanna smoke some shit
marijuana's the real hit
we got to smoke some shit
we wanna smoke some shit
we like to smoke some shit
marijuana's the real hit
we got to smoke some shit

introducing mr slugboye
the moniker he deploys
as a decoy
and committed to the green
the brown
and the black
no foreign frontier
can hold him back
to all you french douane
keep searching for the evidence
cos you got more chance
of finding commie U.S presidents
your hounds on his balls
or thereabouts
that's the first time
they be inna dog bitch mouth
luck is his name
smoking weed is his game
put the whole bag in now
don't you ever complain
waking up to papers
of the rolling kind
first thing in the morning
getting chinese eyed

let no man curse
the paraphernalia in this verse
never mind our affairs
deal with your shit first
and take this advice from the Alvis...
and it's a 1 for the honey
and 2 for the weed... etc...etc
when i'm home alone
unplug the fridge and the phone
fire up a biftah
and enter the zone
with some skunk
scored from a part-time dealer
who's selling to his mates
for a bit of free reefer
so kick back and relax
enjoy our favourite tipple
suck on it now
like a baby on a nipple
chill out to this jam
or get up and dance
all we're saying's
give weed a chance
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