Finally (feat. Julie Mcknight)

Kings Of Tomorrow

Time marches on never ending
Time keeps its own time
Here we stand at the beginning
And then goes passing us by
And I, I
I can dream for us all
I hope I'm in a better state
When here and now crumbles and falls
And you, you
You who make worlds collide
I knew you'd come knocking one day
Unannounced like a thief in the night

Where do we go from here
Time ain't nothing but time
I now have no fear of my fears
And no more tears to cry
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow means nothing at all
If we don't hear the line
When today places its call
And morning, morning, morning
Won't ever be the same
Now I won't make the same mistakes
Time and time again

So tell me how do you do
Finally I meet you
You don't know what I've been through
Waiting and wondering about you
I had a dream my trip would end at you
And now I know paradise
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