Agapi Mou (Loving U) [ft DesiSlava]

Kostas Martakis

I'll be loving you

It's hard to explain,
so why don't you make me,
I don't want to play games
your fantasy shakes me

I'm feeling the same
so why don't you take me
Just look at my body
my lips are so tasty

I'll be loving you
I'll be loving you
It's automatic
Come on and get it
If you want it too,
It can be true
I'm crasy for you
Agapi Mou

My Passion is fire,
I'm burning for you, baby, baby

I'm feeling the desire,
can you feel it too, lady, lady

Can you release the freak in me?
I'll love you till infinity

Kosta come closer,
ride my rollercoaster

let me be your lover
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