Memento / Moment Rare Beauty Mix


Wandering in the path of many centuries.
Addicted to the drawn life on water.
When future can't be seen, Lost in the labyrinth of time.
The unconscious desire wavers continually.
The glaring color. Within the end, tranquility.
In the waves of light, close the eyes
To concentrate for this moment.
Desire the light of truth. Look for that earnest wish
Wanting to be impressed.
Accept all the shadows which interrupt
Light and walk to far from the oblivion.
The miracle of the creation. The awakening of truth.
The eternal present revolves.
The breathing of lie goes down in stillness,
The sound of the bell ticking time, echos...
-Tells moment rings-
With no body exsisting, No awareness of one' own ego.
Try to forget the eternal light, endless fear,
worry and hate and the end of illusion which passes away.
Flutter of lights it keeps dancing,
Cherish each other, and set them free.
Transient light gather together. Loss of hope falling from the
Just recollect! It keep recollecting. It was recollected.
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