Evil Like Me

Kristin Chenoweth

I was once like you my child
Slightly insecure
Argued with my mother too
Thought I was mature
But I put my heart aside
And I used my head
Now I think it's time you learned what dear old mama said

Don't you wanna be evil like me
Don't you wanna be mean
Don't you wanna make mischief your daily routine?
Well you can spend your life attending to the poor
But when you're evil doing less is doing more
Don't you wanna be ruthless and rotten and mad
Don't you wanna be very very good at being bad?

I have tried my whole life long to do the worst I can
Clawed my way to victory
Built my master plan
Now the time has come my dear
For you to take your place
Promise me you'll try to be an absolute disgrace

Don't you wanna be evil like me?
Don't you wanna be cruel?
Don't you wanna be nasty and brutal and cool?
And when you grab that wand that's when your reign begins
Who wants an evil queen without a sack of sins?
Don't you wanna be heartless and hardened as stone?
Don't you wanna be finger-lickin evil to the bone?

This is not for us to ponder
This was pre-ordained
You and I shall rule together
Freedom soon regained
Mistress of the universe powerful and strong
Daughter hear me help me join me won't you sing along?

Now we're gonna be evil
Its true never gonna think twice
And were gonna be spiteful
Yes spiteful, that's nice
In just an hour or two our future safe and sure
This mother/daughter act is going out on tour
If you wanna be evil and awful and free
Then you should thank your lucky star
That you were born the girl you are
The daughter of an evilicious queen like me
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