Ever Changing


Over the hills and across jah valley
Looking for this holy cause
Roots so deep and faith so grounded
Stand strong and know were you are

The day has come to wake up children
We need to go deep within
To bring back our own tradition and culture
To learn how to survive in this war

The sun shall set upon this day
Mankind do you know who you are?
Out in the wilderness, it will be ok
Oh, we're guided by the stars

We, man, woman and child
Holy, holy, holy, holy

When life moves, free your heart and strengthen thy soul
Know your roots and we shall grow
When life moves, let it come in, let it go
Know your roots in this ever changing flow

Feels like I have travelled this road so far now
Yet the journey may have just yet begun
Truth grows tall, above all, will never dissolve
But everything else will fall apart
I chant Ahum for this reason, I chant for this cause
Cause really there is no gain nor no loss, only
Happiness, bless, happiness yes!
Live free and surrender your heart!

So when the sun sets upon this day
Let them know to whom you belong
Stay pure and humble
May your faith grow strong

We man woman and child and every living thing
Holy, holy, holy
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