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She's Funny That Way

Kurt Elling

Once she dressed in tweeds and lace, owned a rolls-royce car
Now she seems quite out of place, like a fallen star
While I worry, plan and scheme over what to do
I can't help feeling it's a dream: She's just too good to be true

Whenever I've loved - it seems now so long ago, back in the past
It always seemed like love was a morning star, fading fast
Drowned out be noon time in daylight's trivial sky
Love was a mirage that you could hold with your eye
But as you came upon it it would dry up

Wondering, finally, whether true love would come at all
Watching each affair pass without a lasting word except 'goodby', taking the fall
Counting sorrows like raindrops falling from above
Wanting, somehow, to find a love
To share with me a shelter against the storms of living
Someone who was giving
Kisses from her joy and not here fear

I have seen before how sometimes people speak of love and think of pain
The very thought strained
All their insides out so you could see fear was like a nail holding them to their past
Keeping them distant from their futures, living in sadness
Robbing every day of what could be - knowing it was madness
I would leave them hungering for what they'd take, but couldn't give at all

It's rare in life you came as close to losing all your skin
But now I've fallen in love and an angel's fallen in there with me (in love)
She checked her wing in at the door
Now, raindrops are diamonds falling out of jennifer's pockets
And every kiss is july 4 rockets
What was I thinking of?
Angels never fall in love
With men like me

But still, every morning I awake to find my angel's still asleep
Right there in my arms - and life is complete
When she wakes, she smiles and whispers that she's crazy living over me
What am I to do but to thank the other angels above?

She's stuck with me
I'll never let her go now
With jennifer I dig love
And she can dig it, too
She's funny that way
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