A Secret I

Kurt Elling

Alone and I can see the moonlight and starlight
as they plant kisses on my dreams and thoughts
In moments passing by me

-- and the sound of laughing voices as they call me so softly,
"come a little closer, Darling - won't you? - and love me a little while."

And, if it seems your whole life is spent blooming, it's a miracle.
but it could happen.

I used to think death was just an ending, not a starting up.
But then a friend of mine, a man,
he up and died one Tuesday.

Now he lives inside of me and all his other friends.
And we welcome him into ourselves in a way that makes us more like him.
It's friendly gravity we're pulling on.

And the white moon told me it was so.

Alone and I will love the moonlight a little more these days.
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