You Never Know (koi Suru Koto No Modokashisa)

Kuwata Keisuke

You never know what woman's gonna do.
I tried to show the love I had for you.

You never listened to anything I said.
You made me go so crazy deep inside my head,
I never know what my baby's gonna do.

You never know what woman's gonna say.
No matter what, she says it anyway.

She may be insincere or really hot
Sayin' what she realy feels, or just forgot.
I never know what my baby's gonna say.

*Maybe she loves my love.
If she does, I don't know.
Is she needing my love?
"N" "E" "A" I no know!!

You never know what morning's gonna bring.
My baby said, "Just don't expect a thing."

"If it's so hard for you to understand,
It's all a part of learning how to be a man."
I just don't know what my baby's trying to do.


Though it seems so confusin'
I will take everything in it's stride.
If my iove, she is using,
then I'll wait for as long as it takes,
until me, she finds.

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