It's a Beautiful Day

Kyle Massey

CORY- We started with a struggle cause nothing ever comes easy
MEENA- now blocking out the sunshine hard for me to say
CORY- ya even though ur talking i really aint understandin push the clouds to the side now rite here with my brother and
CORY&MEENA-standing right next 2 u, making the hits, with the rest of the crew
MEENA- ya this is who i wanna be this is what i am
CORY- we all together we it al goes down yea
MEENA- wake up x2
CORY oh today is the day ya'll
MEENA- i know x2,
CORY- yeah we can work it out now
MEENA-we will find a way cuase its a beautiful day
MEENA-wake up x2
CORY- lets bring it all together now
MEENA- i know x2
CORY- this time's never been better 'cause x5
MEENA- all i wanna say cause its a beautiful daay yeah
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