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Around Here, Locally

Lab Musica

I don't got time to be
Talking to you, you see
Plans for the world are made
Locally and around here

You don't have time, I see
But can't you make time for me?
Plan your plans all you want
But the world you mean is all around here

What do you mean when you say "all you want"?
Well, all i want is to...

Stay stay stay
Please just stay

Okay... you made your point
Guess I'll stay a bit around here

I'm not that hard to convince
You know that I got it made
Cause cause cause cause cause
You know that I gotta know

Come by my house
And bring some clothes for the week
We've got all the time in the world
To make plans to stay around here

I'll come and go
As I please
Just like it should be
But for now you're all i want, locally
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