1. 1

    Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae

  2. 2

    Laid Back - White horse

  3. 3

    Laid Back - Bakerman

  4. 4

    Laid Back - Elevator Boy

  5. 5

    Laid Back - People

  6. 6

    Laid Back - Happy Dreamer

  7. 7

    Laid Back - Ride A White Horse

  8. 8

    Laid Back - Anymore

  9. 9

    Laid Back - Fly Away/ Walking In The Sunshine

  10. 10

    Laid Back - Fuck That

  11. 11

    Laid Back - High Society Girl

  12. 12

    Laid Back - I'm Hooked

  13. 13

    Laid Back - Beautiful Day

  14. 14

    Laid Back - It's A Shame

  15. 15

    Laid Back - Slowmotion Girl

  16. 16

    Laid Back - Whenever You Want Me


Laid Back

For so long I was living
Closing my eyes to everything that I didn´t wanna see
Now I see the wave coming and my legs don't wanna move
from here
Better go to the deep of the sea
There's a man beside the highway waiting for some kind
of aid
Maybe he has a hope
I'm in the middle of the road I know the cars will be
here soon
But I don't care I'm ready to crash and burn

I still can see around the faces that I´ve never seen
And I will not have my life anymore

It's so easy to lose your soul
When you don't have anywhere to go
My heart is wrecked in pieces all around
I don't believe in broken hearts
I believe in living dead, completely empty

All these things that, I have lived in my life
Lost the reason, it's such a shame to me, to you just
a couple of lies
Like a rat becomes a bat, like a stone becomes a
It makes no sense
If I can't change it anyway, if it's my destiny,I
don't care welcome pain...

I take the elevator to the last floor
But I´m still falling down
I could take a rocket right to the space
But I'm still falling down, falling down to hell...

I still can see around the faces that I've never seen
But now I don't need, need to be blind anymore

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