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Our Ten Year

Larger Than Life

I'm holding out for twilight
the time between our highlights
we wait for something better
to come along and

pick us up when we're down
constantly and I've found
the one thing that can save me
I already have

that's the start of our show
you've been waiting heavy hearted too long
and the faster we go
the less I can hold on
so like a new child I'll sit and watch you with wishful eye's
that's the start of our show
we'll take this one slow

the score is now 10/02/01 (ten to one)
the day that I said I'm done
and ripping your heart outright
was not what I had in mind

you'll find me standing right there
waiting at our 10 year
I hope time doesn't change you
but I pray that it fixes me

I know
I can break through
when my bitter heart hit my un-kept mind
that's when I lost touch with you
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