Throwing Matches

Last Of The Believers

My path is not behind me
I cling to the shreds
This home inside of my heart (my heart)

Dream I wake up in your arms and breath you in
Where are you? Are you still here?
Take comfort in the things I know and breathe them out
Throw matches at this burning bridge

I am not your hero
I can't even save myself
I'm trapped inside of my heart (my heart)

My name is where your heart is, where my mind can rest at ease
When I let down my defenses, I hold you so close to me
Almost daily life reminds me of my pain and misery
When I look into the mirror, this is all so clear to see

So I sleep, I sleep to dream, I dream to wake up in your arms
Breathe you in and kiss the lips of angel (of an angel)
So I dream, I dream to find you, asking, "what took you so long?"
I take comfort in the fact that when I dream, that world is gone
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