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Calling Botsuwanna

Last Year

Call me back for old time sake
Call me and say you're gonna wait
Call me just to say you learned that forever might mead days from now
I thought that you were gonna wait
Thought to that you would behave
But one year might make some felling change
Or maybe I liked you more than you deserved

Now I'm never going to do the things
I used to do because they are useless (stupid)
I used to call you late at night
To say good night or just to say I love you

Such a hard time to understand
Such a hard time I need a friend
You have a boy
Not just some friend
You had the time to understand
You had it

But now it's over
But is it over on your mind?

Now I want both of you on the bed or the roof
Take your time, stay right there
It's easier anyway

And I will lie that I'm allright
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