Late To Bloom

She lives inside my radio
She comes to me in stereo... (hello)
She swims the channels with a finger stroke
On the waves of sound away she floats
From an island location remote

(She fills the air & fills my sails & cuts the rope
She takes me for a ride but lets me steer the boat
And I can see my over the edge is getting close
Man over board)

My ears are ringing hello (so much was said can't let go)
My ears are ringing hello...hello...(hello)

She lives out on the open road
She comes to me through lines of gold
The evidence concrete I'm not alone
On the waves of sound away she moans
Location somewhere on the go

(She fills the air & fills my tank pedal to the floor
She takes me far away while keeping me indoors
And I can feel my ears are ringing turn it up some more
And a little more)
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