Was It

Late To Bloom

What's that you're wavin' honey
That hook you bait with honey
The way it moves you knew I'd fall for the line
What's that you're sayin' honey
With a look of cravin' honey
You knew I'd wanna taste that kiss in your smile

Baby did you just stand there and lay me?

Was it you?
Was it me?
Was it too much to drink?
Was it something in a song on the radio?
Was it caused by the lights?
Or did you pause for my eyes with a little show?
Or am I comin' just no where close

Are you forbidden fruit
Really too good to be true
I know you get dazzled with stars in your eyes
You set and lick your fingers
Your eyes are now like stingers
Piercing me right inside

Did you just place me all over you?
Cause I just got a taste of you from across the room
And licked the spoon!
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