It's Over Now


What up ya'll this is your boy latif a.k.a corey williams and i'm chillin with my man dj kuzito ladies i wanna see you in the place lets get it on

I tried ma best 2 b true
I think i had it with u
Don't kno wat else i can do
Keep gettin these feelins we havin
Its killin me so
But no i can't let you go
This one that everyone jus pass up on
And it aint goin down(and then i told ya yea)

[break down:]
Sometimes i get it on the side
But that shit was on my mind
Had to get that dirt up off my shoulder(yea)
And now this shit has gone to far
But i knew it all along

And now it's over now
You gonna see another side of me(yeah)
Over now
You broke my heart and now this is the part when i leave you [x2]

You seem so quick to forget
Back in the day when we met
I used to bring home the check
Just to support you
I used to give you my all
But that won't happen no more
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