(Look) Like A Fool

Lawrence Arabia

Can't deny I'm gonna try to see her tonight
Even though I am gonna look like a fool
Because I'm gonna drink
'til the reasons it seems like a bad idea
All crawl off and then disappear into a cave
With all my bad ideas like love

I'll wear a tie to formalise what I'm gonna do
I'll put it on the line and one day dreams will come true
But even I know enough to know that it won't happen this time or next
These are the wonders of the opposite sex
Cause they're complex and that's the reason why I can't stay home

I'll wake up with egg on my face for you
I'll undergo personal disgrace for you
Cause I want you
Asleep by a fountain, covered in my sick

I'm on the ground, girl
I'm thrashing 'round it's easy to see
That this display is caused to show what you mean to me

But now they're driving me away
And putting me in an unlicenced minicab
And they're calling my best friend's dad
But that's not bad because one day you'll remember me
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