I Just Wanna Know

Legendary Tigerman

Don't you wanna know
What we're gonna do
Later, when there ain't one else around

Don't you wanna see me?
Gonna tell you what
What happends to you
Yeah, i wanna go out
And have something nice to eat
I wanna eat you up
I don't care where
As long as there's no one else around

Don't you just wanna know
Just wanna know
Tell me
What you wanna do
What you wanna do
To me
When there ain't
No, and when and where there ain't no one else around

Yes, i'd like to touch you
And i guess you want to love me
To love me just one of many times today
I guess i want to love you, too
My baby, that's all right
As long as there's no one else around

As long as than
As long as i
As long as there ain't no one else
As long as
There ain't no one
No one else around
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