I know this can't be real this must be a dream
I opened my eyes to find u not here with me
So I tell myself it's nothing n just pull it together
See I just can't take the thought of everything being over don't tell me I can't hold ya
We need to think this out n ohh baby ohh
Said don't leave me here alone please just come back home

I'm broken can't you see it in my eyes
It's so hard for me when everybody says that a man ain't suppose to cry
So I gotta keep these tears inside

I took your photographs threw em all away cause it hurts so bad everytime I see your face
N in the middle of the night I hear you call n then I try try but it's so hard I just can't shake it
So I sat here in my bed wishin you were here to save me
Don't do this to me baby
We need to work this out n ohh baby ohh
Won't you listen to my plead please come back to me

I can't eat can't sleep can't breathe
I feel weak I need you here with me
Whyd you have to go away n leave me confused n lonely
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