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How large of a saw was used to cut us apart
While our terribly considerate
And unblaming mother lies dead with her art
Separated but never equaled
A masterpiece just short of being fecal
Until i was chopped off
I live in this outhouse and envy the
Cathedral that is your heart
The heart of my better half
We share a name, i share your song
You shared your lover, now you don't share at all
And who could blame you
For having that cloddish scar removed
So your Siamese ghost won't spook
The uncouth doppleganger on the loose
Until the day you employ a cane
You'll abhor me, you'll curse me
I'm the bugbear biting the earth
Where you had me buried
Making brothers from one youth,
But i was the one removed
The inventors promise to you never
Left the ground
I'm not your twin, i'm just the amputee,
I'm just the bugbear

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