Far Beyond

Leslie Ludy

I hear it in a love song or see it on a movie screen
The kind of perfect love story
That i have always dreamed
Would somehow come into my life
And yet it seems so out of reach
It's all i think about sometimes
Will i ever find a love that's meant to be?
Maybe these thoughts seem foolish
To a holy god who made the sea and land
But you were the one who created
Love between a woman and a man
And deep inside i hear you say
You see all my hopes and fears
And if i give to you the pen of my life
You'll write a tale that all heaven can cheer

Far beyond my deepest heart's desire
Far beyond what i could ever dream
Far beyond my fairy tale imaginations
Is your perfect plan for me
There's no limit to romance in all its beauty
When the author of love shapes my destiny
Far beyond the most that i could long for
I will find the dreams you have dreamed for me

I could search forever
I could look for true love everywhere
If all my dreams were answered
They still could not compare
To the beauty of your ways
And all your plans for my life
'cause you've been scripting out a story for me
Before the very foundations of time
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