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What Happens Now?

Lex Land

Something about the cadence
In which she spoke
Just let you know
That one way or another
You'd never be the same

Maybe it was the way
That she used your full name
To ask you
If it might yet be the right time
And it never came

So you saw her from across the room
You noticed how she
Leaned back with all her weight
Looking real good and
You thought this was someone
You'd have to get to know soon

What happens now?
What happens now?
What happens now?
What happens now?

There was a short term
We never slept alone
Dreams were never needed
Cause you thought they'd found a home
And you thought maybe, just for the night
I could change my mind

She drew a picture
With exactly the same stories
Almost as though you'd never sorted out anew
It's a few goals that came
After wasted waiting
And watching her wait, so

What happens now?
What happens now?
What happens now?
What happens now?

Like a blur, a revelation
I should never notice you in the sky
It's full love and hesitation
Like you're running through without a false question
Well, she laid out an invitation
To your own imagination

The cuddling burden left open forever
We'd never seen interpretation
You live hazy days, and paves the ways
The crumbling vision's burning
The empty pages fill so easily
But all you want is still angling once you leave

Changes daily

We could all change our ways, baby
But she's gonna go anyway
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