United States Of Whatever

Liam Lynch


i went down to the beach & saw Kiki she was like 'Ehhh'
i'm all like 'Whatever!'


this chick comes up to me & she's all like 'hey aren't you that dude?'
i'm all like 'Whatever!'

So later, i'm, i'm at the pool hall and this girl comes up
she all like 'uuuhhhh'
i'm like, 'Yea, Whatever!'

Cuz this is my United States of WHATEVER!
This is my United States of WHATEVER!
this is my United States of WHATEVER!

it's 3 a.m. & i'm on the corner wearing my leather,
this dude comes up & he's like 'Hey Punk!'
i'm like 'Yea, Whatever!'

then i'm throwing dice in the alley,
officer Leroy comes up & he's like 'Hey i thought i told you-'
i'm like 'Yea, Whatever!'

Then up comes Zapho.
i'm like 'Yo Zapho, whats up?'
he's like 'Nuttin.'
I'm like 'That's cool....'
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