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Self Abnegation


Serenity confronts the dark hours
I wish the blues wouldn't reach me now
You dwell in shadows, I pay the price
This void is ours, hidden in daylight

Once I thought I would not care
If all ice fell on me
Once I thought I could risk
But now I'm afraid,
All around is so warm and bright
Whereas we are fading shades of gray

Walking the streets with a weight in my heart
The touch is unreal
I stumble, fall apart
Yet I wish you could see me inside

If I'm gonna be your shooting star
Wish on me tonight
I touch my kiss-swollen lips
I can't believe it's all doomed forevermore

But I wish I wouldn't be only
The same song in your mind- luring me
I find myself trying not to think- I feed on crumbles
As you walk the streets
And pass me by - you exist to mesmerize

Those feelings scattered and dismissed everywhere
The touch that lingers untouched
The smell still inebriates me
It is your presence
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