Other Side of the River

Life Of Agony

There's blood on the floor
And you're not even moving
Don't really know if it's mine or yours
But you ain't moving

Eyes are wide as you grin at me
You know there's a place that you'd rather be
But if you should die and I survive
How could I go on knowing that I'm still alive
Here breathing

There's a beast that's living deep within me
Forcing me to feed all my needs
Yeah he's in me

And brought us here to end our fears
To wave goodbye to all of the tears
To start a new life on the other side of the river

Well my world would be over

Hold on, Hold on, I won't be long
Wait for me, man, I won't be long

You were such in a rush to reach the other side
Look at yourself with that look in your eye
Smiling wide and pre-occupied with that river

Well my world would be over
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