Always, Forever


I smell your fear, filled with reject.
As a last resort, today I watch you die.
Walk the line as the fade.
The immaculate deception, as you dwell for years.
Parasite with credulous eyes, but your lost something more.
Redemption is born denying the trusted.
Savor the time serial killin'.
Off seconds to a magic misery.
Forget this passage, forget the sorrow.
I've gone and done it again.
Across the pathways of premonition, a cyanide romance called disbelief.
You keep searching.
I'll keep searching for a remedy to light the way.
I'll keep my head held high.
Am I just a fool to trust in you?
The immaculate deception, you're just a fraud.
Parasite with credulous eyes.
Today I watch you die.
Slash the heart and spread the light.
Open rib cage watchin' you die.
I found nothing.
I have gone and done it again.
Scream aloud dismembered friend.
Open rib cage watchin' you die.
I found nothing.
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