I'm Calming Down

Lights Out Dancing

Sunlight peels back my eyelids
Just waking up is a reason for a celebration
My existence is the product of the air that cools my lungs
And the survival of experience

This path I take, is the same I take on my long drive home
Make a right turn at that forking road
Knowing all is well if I just come home alive

Im calming down

Just be content with the simple pleasures
That make each day, come on help me, God help me breathe
Breathe in the gift of life
When it comes right down to the broken bones and headaches
You can realize youre young

Get up and start another day
Another day to prove this world has something to live for
Sunsets and love
A first kiss with a pretty girl, empty bottles of wine
Reliving the good times

We know theyre never gonna get never gonna get it no
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