I Should Leave

Lil Cutie

[Verse 1]
You used to be so good to me
but now all you care about is your friends
whenever you see some other girl
you always checkin her out
then you gonna come back to me
and you always say "hey baby"
but i'm gettin kinda tired of you playing me
so i think it's time that i should leave

I should leave cuz i'm tired of you playin me
i should go cuz you're not the man i used to know
i'm not gonna hang no more
cuz i'm sick of you hurtin me
so i'm gonna leave

[Verse 2]
Then you try to call me
and you say "i'm sorry"
and i always believe you
this time is gonna be different
cuz i ain't listenin you you (no more)
then you say "why you so mad"
i say "i'm tired of you treatin me bad"
then we hang up the phone
and i'm thinking that i should go

[Chorus 2x]
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